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    www.iptm.com.vn**Introducing IPTM Teambuilding

    IPTM Teambuilding

    IPTM Teambuilding has earned a reputation for the design and implementation of the highest quality experience-based learning programs for the conference
    market.IPTM Teambuilding brings 3 years of expertise in outdoor and experientialeducation to bear on each client’s organizational needs. We provide anexciting, diverse and relevant mix of both outdoor and indoor programs thatwill excite a group and their conference experience a memorable one. We arecontinuously creating new programs so if you are looking for somethingspecial that is both inspirational and can make a difference to the outcomesof your conference please contact us.Over the years, our experience has extended into many fields which include:education, banking and finance, IT and technology, telecommunications,manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical, business services, transport,consulting and local government departments.
    Program Design
    In consultation with you, we aim to develop a program that we jointly
    create, that targets your needs and fits your agenda, time and budget.
    IPTM Teambuilding is a professional organization, offering a professional
    service. Flexibility, individuality and creativity are all inputs to our
    program design. We have created and designed many programs to meet the
    unique requirements of our clients.
    Program Design Phases Include
    1. Pre program consultation and assessment; gather information about your
    goals and objectives.
    2. Scope design with consideration to location, time factors and
    attributes of delegates.
    3. Present program idea and work with you to tailor it to meet your group
    4. Deliver the program
    5. Post program evaluation and review to determine the outcomes and
    achievement of goals
    Learning Goals
    We design our programs so that delegates on our programs and courses are;
    1. Both intellectually and emotionally challenged to use their
    communicative and reasoning skills to solve challenges head-on.
    2. Have a real experience of teamwork where every ones contribution is
    harnessed and appreciated.
    3. Self-development through increased levels of commitment and motivation
    4. Innovation where you are encouraged not to just think outside of the
    box but to create new boxes
    5. Develop effective group approaches to implement initiatives, meet
    challenges, solve problems and test new strategies
    6. An experience in dealing with change and uncertainty
    7. Have the realisation of the importance of communication, consultation
    and co-operation is to building a strong self supporting team
    8. Barriers broken down and better working relationships established
    9. Work relationships are strengthened through getting to know each other
    and understand each others needs
    10. Create a forum that allows for effective communication and
    understanding between work groups
    11. An environment where your teams efforts are rewarded and celebrated
    *Call us: *

    (08) 35111395
    Mr Truong Dung 0989 224 474
    Mr Truong Hoang 0918 177771


    Add: 182/15 Bach Dang, Binh Thanh, HCM City, Vietnam

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