Vietnam Interpreter Wanted!

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  1. Jerry

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Dear all,
    My name is Jonatan Forsberg, I am a student from Göteborg, Sweden currently
    in Hanoi to do a small study for my bachelor thesis.

    As part of my studies, I am going on a short field trip to Hoa Bing
    province. The scheduling is still not in stone, but I expect to visit Hoa
    Bing on the 16th of December as well as spending a full week starting on the
    20th of December till the 26th of December. For this trip, I will need an

    I will of course cover all travel and living expenses and pay you a
    negotiable fee. I am thinking that you are a student, you have good command
    of English and you do not mind spending a few days and nights in a Hoa Binh
    village. Some previous experience is of course a plus, but not a must.

    If you are interested or if you know someone who is, please let me know
    either my email or phone so we can get together and talk more about the
    trip. My email address is and my mobile 01266044936

    Best regards,

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