Why travel insurance?

Discussion in 'Preparation for Vietnam trip' started by mill123, Aug 27, 2011.

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    If you have an idea to travel then you should consider about a traveling insurance as well because it would be a great help to your health and security. Well It's a personal decision. I never leave home without it. Some travelers don't agree that insurance is necessarily a must. I'm not suggesting that everyone should travel without insurance. Peace of mind is a different equation for every person. But sometimes It can save you big money.

    I'd buy travel insurance in the following reasons,

    1) If a elderly & unhealthy relatives or parents whose illness would require you to abandon your travels.

    2) If my health is not good.

    3) If the trip with some physical risk, like remote backpacking, trekking, safari etc. But be sure the policy includes medical evacuation insurance.

    4) If i am going on an extremely expensive once in a lifetime trip.
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    I totally agree with you.Travel insurance covers you in every side. accidental death, lost baggage, cancelled trip and much more.So it's important to get an insurance before you travel.

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