Witches' market in La Paz

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    Jan 20, 2011
    The Witches' Market is in La Paz, off of Calle

    Sagárnaga onto Calle Linares. Here you can buy a

    bizarre assortment of goods including amulets,

    potions, delicately crafted silver jewelery,

    sweets, spices and dried llama fetuses.We were

    quite ...more [+]shocked about the llama fetuses,

    but our tour guide gave us a good explaination:

    llamas are usually pregnant with twins, but only

    one baby llama is born - so with the afterbirth

    there will always be the second fetus!. If you're

    looking for luck, here's a list to help you decode

    the meaning of all the amulets on display: Frogs

    are said to bring good fortune; turtles are the

    symbol of long life; owls bring knowledge; snakes

    are a sign of progression (or moving in the right

    direction); koa--a dried plant made with

    molasses--is supposed to help your harvest; and

    pumas will help you achieve victory over your


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